Saturday, January 30, 2016

REVIEW: They Rise

They Rise
By: Hunter Shea

Genre: Horror, Thriller, Sea Stories
Publisher: Severed Press
Publication date: 1.4.2016
Pages: 162

Recommended by: Hook of a Book, Read 2 Review
Date read: 1.29.2016

I have heard a lot of great things about Hunter Shea, so when this blog tour invite came in my emails, I had to grab it up.  I like horror, and this focuses on chimaera and the Bermuda Triangle, so there was no way I couldn't.

Ever since I was very young - and watched Jaws for the first time, even though I was told I wasn't going to like it - I have been interested in the sea.  A sense of awe, and fear, has led me to do a lot of research and read anything "scary" that tells the story.  This book has definitely made me a fan of Sea Stories that fall under the Horror genre, and I'm going to be actively searching out more of these from now on.

Just an ordinary day on the water, fishing with some friends, goes absolutely wrong when one of them catches a fish like none of them had ever seen before.  Are you seeing where this is going?  If you're thinking "to an amazing story I couldn't put down," you have guessed correctly.  Wow!  I mean... WOW!  Seriously.  It was a great horror adventure that was really fun to read.  Very Twilight Zone or Alfred Hitchcock - and I loved it.

Shea is really good at using words in such a way that you see scenes like a movie inside your mind.  His characters are interesting and keep you reading because you just can't help but want to know what is going to happen to them next.  Whitley is a great character - I loved seeing how he interacted with the other characters, and what he was willing to do to find out more.

There are some unanswered question, some things I wanted to know more about - and maybe I'm the only one that feels that way.  I like books like that, though - things that leave it open for you to be scared for years to come, to make you look differently at the water - and maybe, just maybe, we'll hear a little more about this story at a later time.

About the book:
Some call them ghost sharks, the oldest and strangest looking creatures in the sea.  Marine biologist Brad Whitley has studied chimaera fish all his life.  He thought he knew everything about them.  He was wrong.
            Warming ocean temperatures free legions of prehistoric chimaera fish from their methane ice suspended animation.  Now, in a corner of the Bermuda Triangle, the ocean waters run red.
            The 400 million year old massive killing machines have no mercy, destroying everything in their path.  It will take Whitley, his climatologist ex-wife, and the entire US Navy to stop them in the bloodiest battle ever seen on the high seas.

About the author:
Hunter Shea is the product of a childhood weaned on The Night Stalker, The Twilight Zone and In Search Of.  He doesn't just write about the paranormal - he actively seeks out the things that scare the hell out of people and experiences them for himself.
            Publisher's Weekly named The Montauk Monster one of the best reads of the summer in 2014, and his follow up novel, Hell Hole, was named best horror novel of the year on several prestigious horror cites.  Cemetery Dance had this to say about his apocalyptic thriller, Tortures of the Damned - "A terrifying read that left me wanting more.  I absolutely devoured this book!"
            Hunter is an amateur cryptozoologist, having written wild, fictional tales about Bigfoot, The Montauk Monster, The Dover Demon and many new creatures to come.  Copies of his books, The Montauk Monster and The Dover Demon, are currently on display in the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, ME.
            He wrote his first novel with the express desire to work with editor Don D'Auria at Dorchester (Leisure Horror).  He submitted his novel to Don and only Don, unaccented, placed on the slush pile. He is proof that dedicated writers can be rescued from no man's land.  He now works with Don, along with several other agents and publishers, having published over ten books in just four years.
            Hunter is proud to be one half of the Monster Men video podcast, along with his partner in crime, Jack Campisi.  It is one of the most watched horror video podcasts in the world.  Monster Men is a light-hearted approach to dark subjects.  Hunter and Jack explore real life hauntings, monsters, movies, books and everything under the horror sun.  They often interview authors, crytid and ghost hunters, directors and anyone else living in the horror lane.
            Living with his wonderful family and two cats, he's happy to be close enough to New York City to get Gray's Papaya hot dogs when the craving hits.  His daughters have also gotten the horror bug, assisting him with research, story ideas and illustrations that can be seen in magazines such as Dark Dossier.

Friday, January 29, 2016

REVIEW: Desolation

By: Kristopher Rufty

Genre: Horror
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Publication date: 1.5.2016
Pages: 303

Recommended by: Hook of a Book, Read 2 Review
Date read: 1.28.2016

I have been following Kristopher Rufty's career for some time now, but have had the hardest time deciding which book of his I wanted to start with.  After having him on The Gal in October, and learning more about him, I knew that I couldn't put this off any longer, so when Erin of Hook of a Book asked me if I wanted to be part of this blog tour, there was no way I was going to turn her down.

The cover and book description really caught my attention and I couldn't wait to pick it up, but at the same time I really didn't want to, knowing that if I loved it, I would be so disappointed when it ended.

I was immediately, from page one, pulled into a story that tugged at my heart strings - told from two different sides of a horrific event.  I don't think I have cared this much for both the "good guy" and the "bad guy" in a long time.  Rufty did an AMAZING job setting up the scenes, describing the events, and letting you meet his characters - each one having so much more to them than first expected.  When things turn, as you would expect them to do in a novel in the horror genre, things get even better.  Where the story went was so well-written that I feel I need to purchase every thing this man has EVER put on paper and start reading them, like, now.

It hasn't been very often lately that I have been so sucked up into a story that I have forgotten where I was, but with this book, I truly did.  I lost sleep because of this book, being unable to put it down because it was so good.  I missed bus stops because of this book, being so sucked in that I didn't realize, until two stops later, that I was still on the bus.

To say that I recommend this book is an understatement and I can't wait to see what he has to offer next.

About the book:
There's no escaping your past.  Especially when it wants revenge.

Grant Marlowe hoped taking his family to their mountain cabin for Christmas would reunite them after his alcoholic past had torn them apart, but it only puts them into a life and death struggle.  On Christmas Eve, a stranger from Grant's past invades the vacation home and takes his wife and children hostage.  His agenda is simple - make Grant suffer the same torment that  Grant's drunken antics have caused him.  Now Grant must confront his demons head on and fight for his family's lives.  Because this man has nothing left to lose.  The only thing keeping him alive is misery - Grant's misery.

About the author:
Kristopher Rufty lives in North Carolina with his wife, three children, and the zoo they call their pets.  He's written various books, including The Vampire of PlainfieldJaggerThe LurkersThe Lurking SeasonThe Skin ShowPillowcaseProud Parents, and more, plus a slew of horror screenplays.  He has also written and directed the independent horror films Psycho HolocaustRags, and Wicked Wood.  If he goes more than two days without writing, he becomes very irritable and  hard to be around, which is why he's sent to his desk without supper often.