Writing & Blogging

There are lots of authors out there - or people who hold a story inside that needs to get out - and these are some of the books that I've had the chance to read on writing so far.  Some of them are r2rs ... and some of them are books I've chosen to look at myself.  Also, there are a few books below about blogging, which can be helpful to those who are just starting out, or even people who currently have a blog and want to shake things up or try some new things. :)

1,000 Character Writing Prompts by Bryan Cohen
            1,000 Creative Writing Prompts, Volume 2 by Bryan Cohen
            1,000 Creative Writing Prompts BOX SET by Bryan Cohen
            1,000 Creative Writing Prompts for Holidays by Bryan Cohen
            Four Seasons of Creative Writing by Bryan Cohen
Describing People by John Edelson
Ten Commandments for the Thriving Writer by Karen Banes
The Art of Storytelling by John Walsh
Writer's Bounty by Valerie A Hurry

Blogging Bonanza by Nathan Beck
Free Tools for Writers, Bloggers & Solopreneurs by Karen Banes
The Beginner's Guide to Writing Quality Online Content by Alicia Rades

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